Terms & Conditions:
  • Participants can refer business entities to TPS. No limitations to the referral unless otherwise stated
  • NTUC vouchers will only be given to the Referrer upon commencement of the electricity retail agreement by each referred Business Entity (UEN) with TPS.
  • By providing TPS with the registration data about the participant or the company and all other information, the participant agrees and acknowledges that TPS may use these information and that the participant has given TPS consent on usage and collection for both the participant’s data and referee’s data.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain the consent of the Referee to provide the Referee’s personal data or any other information in relation to the Referee to TPS for the purposes of contacting the Referee by TPS and future correspondences.
  • The participant acknowledges that TPS may inform the Referee that the Referee’s information and/or personal data is provided by the participant.
  • Entry is also based on a first come first serve basis, in the event a duplicate business entity is received. Only the first referral will be considered eligible for the NTUC vouchers.
  • The voucher(s) are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and not redeemable for cash. TPS may, in its sole discretion, substitute the rewards and/or vouchers or cancel this Referral Program, without prior notice to any person. TPS at its sole discretion reserves the right to modify these TPS Referral Program Terms & Conditions from time to time, without prior notice.
  • Employees of Tuas Power Group and their immediate family, relatives and friends, vendors and resellers of either Tuas Power Supply or other electricity retailers and employees of other electricity resellers are not eligible to participate in this Program.
  • The decision of TPS on all matters, queries or disputes, concerning the TPS Referral Program and its Terms & Conditions shall be final.